Pictures from Spring 2010:
We have installed cameras and electronics is under construction. Testing should star during the summer. Weather conditions have not been helping.

Pictures from Summer 2009:
Both telescopes are capable of tracking stars. The last pictures were obtained with a camera mounted on the telescope an pointed at a grid in the focal plane. The pitch of the grid is 1cm.

Pictures from October 13th 2008:
We assembled the Eastern telescope. We used the building as a crane to drop the optical structure on the mount and then assembled the camera holder. At the end of the day we had a little visit.

Pictures from August 2th 2008:
We took advantage from a couple cloudy days to mount the mirror brackets on the west telescope and proceed to a first alignment using the 2F platform.

Pictures from June 10th 2008:
Flooring of the control building and insulation around the AC unit.

Pictures from June 6th 2008:
We covered up the trench and George has started the wiring in the control building. The AC unit was installed last week.

Pictures from May 23th 2008:
We just got approved by the county for electrical connection so we dug the trench to bring power to the telescopes and control building.

Pictures from January 12th 2007:
We rented a generator to test the telescope mounts and measure the power requirement.

Pictures from December 2007:
Both telescope mounts are in place and the optical structures are assembled. The optical structure is mounted on the western telescope as well as the camera holding structure.

Pictures from November 2007:
The telescope mount is installed in the western building and then the eastern building is completed.

Pictures from July 2007:
The concrete poured and the assembly of the buildings structure started.

Pictures from June 2007:
Everything starts with shoveling dirt.