* Our ApJ article really is how things got started
* Then we had a poster presented at the Palaiseau workshop.
* and a paper at the 29th ICRC in Pune, India.
* At the Department of Physics, Stephan LeBohec gave undergraduate seminar on Intensity Interferometry with Air Cherenkov telescopes.
* At the HTRA 2007 conference in Edinburgh we presented two papers ( paper 1 and paper 2). Here are the slides for the first paper and here is the poster for the second paper.
* paper with Dainis Dravins at the 2007 ELT conference in Lund
* A working group on Intensity Interferometry was created within the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Activities of the group are outlined in a paper presented by S.LeBohec at the SPIE meeting in Marseille
* The working group had a first meeting on January 29th 2009 and wrote a white paper to for the Astro2010 decadal review.