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Have you considered a major in the Department of Physics & Astronomy?

7 Reasons to Major in Physics & Astronomy at the University of Utah

  1. You have a passion for exploring the mysteries of the universe.
  2. You like to challenge yourself, solve problems and puzzles, and want to contribute to human understanding.
  3. You seek an environment where you can pursue your passion with other like-minded students, and maybe even help teach others. Physics is a social endeavor!
  4. You want the chance to do research. At Utah’s flagship research institution, ambitious Physics & Astronomy majors have the opportunity to do work at the leading edge of science and publish and present their results.
  5. You are interested in graduate school in Physics or Astronomy or other professional graduate programs. Surveys show that Physics majors achieve among the highest scores on both MCAT (medical school) and LSAT (law school) exams.
  6. You are interested in gaining highly-sought technical expertise in areas such as computation, problem solving, numeracy, analysis, and data science, and applying these skills to solving real-world problems.
  7. You want a useful degree from a well-regarded program on your resume as you set out to make your impact on the world.

Students and their families wishing to learn more about what the Department of Physics and Astronomy has to offer, should contact:
Tamara Young | Undergraduate Advisor | 240 CSC | (801) 587-0650 | 
John Belz | Director of Undergraduate Studies | 228 INSCC | (801) 585-9620 |

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Last Updated: 5/3/19