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Student Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations are a great way to make friends, build connections on campus, and gain leadership skills outside of the classroom. Check out the many opportunities to get involved within our department and across campus.

How do I get involved?

Society of Physics Students

Send us a message through Campus Connect or come to our meetings!

Meetings for fall semester 2020 are: The 2nd and 4th  Monday of each month 

Join us on Discord:

Women in Physics & Astronomy



We gather to share ideas, stories, and accomplishments. We aim to form a positive and productive community in the Physics department for students to utilize as a professional resource and a group of friends.

Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee

The Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee (USAC) advises the Department of Physics & Astronomy in matters concerning undergraduate students. This includes things like course evaluations, tenure reviews for professors, and social activities. 


Come and help host with weekly star parties and community astronomy outreach!

Star Parties: Wednesday nights @ 7pm, South Physics 408

Check us out on Facebook!

Science in the Parks

Science in the Parks is a science outreach program for children of all ages in the Salt Lake City (SLC) area. The program will be held over the summer, where science activities will be demonstrated and available for children to observe and interact with. 


Community Outreach

There are several opportunities in the community to show why science is so amazing! Check out the link above to find an opportunity that is right for you.

University Student Organizations

 If there is something you enjoy, there is a club for it. Check out Campus Connect to find a group or club that fits your interests!


in-STEM provides diverse students a supportive community to foster academic success, professional development, and community outreach. 


STEM Outreach Volunteer Program

The STEM Outreach Volunteer Program organizes and runs STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs in schools in the Salt Lake area. 


Bennion Community Service Center

Our mission is to inspire and mobilize people to strengthen communities through learning, scholarship, and advocacy. Whether you have a few minutes in between classes, an occasional hour on a Saturday morning, or time to engage every week, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved.


Why should I get involved?

  • It helps round out your university experience. You are more than just a scientist- you have interests beyond the classroom. Getting involved helps you explore new things in a unique setting of a university.
  • It looks great on job and graduate school applications. Employers are often looking for more than just technical skills you learn with your degree. They look for communication skills, leadership, and other "soft" skills that come with being involved with an organization.
  • It connects you to faculty, mentors, and people within the department and on campus. Want to make friends in the department? Want an inside scoop on what is happening in the department? Want to get to know faculty better? Join a club or organization. You never know when that connection could lead to letters of recommendation, future internships or jobs, or lifelong friendships down the road.
  • It helps maintain sanity! Find a group of people you connect with to help balance out the workload and stress of school. Clubs and groups give you an outlet to do something outside of your studies.
Last Updated: 9/28/20