DFM Cassegrain Telecope

DFM Telescope

This is a picture of the telescope purchased by the U of U from DFM Engineering. The scope is a 32 in (0.8m) open truss Cassegrain telescope. The telescope will be automated and used for remote operations from the U's campus.

The Dome and Star Trails

Willard L. Eccles Observatory

University Of Utah

Technical Specifications

PDF available here


Latitude Longitude Elevation
38.52N 113.28W 9551 ft

Telescope Specifications:

Manufacturer: DFM Engineering Longmont, Colorado
Optical Design: 32” diameter f/8 (effective focal ratio) Ritchey-Chretien
Field-of-View: Fully shielded unvignetted FOV is 43’
Load Capability: >200 lbs of instrument bearing capability, 100lbs of auxiliary telescopes
Instrument Clearance: 0.81m between primary cell and fork
Drive System: Friction drive with zero backlash, fiducial position repeatability better than 5”
Slew Time: Maximum slew time < 60 seconds
Time Keeping: Garmin GPS receiver better than 0.05 second resolution


Manufacturer: ASH manufacturing
Model: MEBH-18’6”with radio control
Diameter: 18.5 feet
Shutter Width: 7 feet
Height Above Ground: 10 feet


Model: SBIG STL-6303E
Filters: ASTRODON SLOAN g and r

Site Characteristics:
Seeing Conditions: Median approximately 1.0”