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Galaxy NGC 2043

Galaxy NGC 6946

Galaxy NGC 3628


North America Nebula Section

North America Nebula Section

IC 434 The Horsehead Nebula


M71 The Little Dumbbell Nebula

NGC 7635 The Bubble Nebula
A large nebula caused by the outflow of solar winds from a star internal to the bubble

NGC 2264 The Cone Nebula
A diffuse nebula birthing stars from the gas and dust within

NGC 2024 The Flame Nebula
A diffuse nebula birthing stars from the gas and dust within; obscured by thick clouds of dust between us and the stars.

The Deer Lick Group of Galaxies

M8 The Lagoon Nebula
An enormous cloud of gas and dust 5000 light years from earth giving birth to new stars.

Galaxy NGC 891
Taken by the 2010 Observational Astronomy Class

M1 The Crab Nebula
M1 is a supernova remnant.

Perseus Galaxy Cluster
Galaxy M66

A portion of the Orion Nebula M42.
This is a Star Forming Nebula in the Orion constellation.

Galaxy M33

M16 The Eagle Nebula
Another large star forming nebula made famous by the Hubble Space Telescope

M20 The Trifid Nebula

M15 is a globular cluster orbiting on the outskirts of our galaxy.

The Bubble Nebula seen in Hydrogen Alpha wavelengths.

M43 A small nebula near The Great Orion Nebula.

M51 with a new supernova SN2011gh. Taken 6-4-11.