Poster presentation checklist

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1. Prepare your poster on the basis of your research for your
in-class presentation.

2. Seek advice from the instructors as to content.

3. Look at these websites for tips on how to organize your poster:

4. Consider using presentation software (keynote, ppt) to create
separate panels to printed out on 8.5"x11" paper. Help on printing
out a banner title will be discussed in lecture.

5. At a minimum, make sure you include 

    -- title with author list
    -- introduction
    -- panels with more detailed information (the "body" of your poster)
    -- a conclusion or summary
    -- list of references

6. Check *carefully* for clarity of presentation, grammar and spelling 

7. To assemble your poster, the instructors will provide 4 22"x28"
poster sheets (color is your choice, but beware of bright colors!)
which you should assemble (tape together on the back) into a single
44" wide x 56" tall panel:

                  |  |  |
                  |--+--| 56"
                  |  |  |

No matter how you choose to print out or display your information,
mount whatever you have on this panel. It will be hung up for display

8. Have your poster ready to display at the beginning of the
last day of class, Wednesday, Dec 6, 2006. Location TBA..