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This page describes information for the in-class presentations and final project (poster presentation). The in-class and poster presentations are to be done with the same group and on the same topic (see presentation list below).

The final project: participation in the class symposiom

The final project (a scientific-style poster session) will occur on Wednesday, December 6, 2006, the last day of class. We will hold a class symposium on that day in JFB Rm 334. You will display your group's poster there. All students will be asked to evaluate other groups' posters.

Go to this site for a checklist related to details on how to organize your group poster.

In-class Presentations and group assignments

In class presentations will be limited to 12 minutes. Three minutes will be allowed for questions at the end of the talk. Beware, you will be asked to stop your presentation if you exceed 12 minutes.

For advice on how to prepare and present your talk, please try Ohio State's "Dazzle 'em" site.

We will grade your talks on these criteria:

(1) Organization: does your talk flow logically from point to point? is it easy for the audience to understand what you have to say?

(2) Professionalism: are your slides free of spelling or grammatical errors? is information presented in a legible form? have you practiced your presentation?

(3) Mastery of the material: do you know what you are talking about?

Also, you should use the presentation checklist at this link.

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