The following links are to homework assignments. Use the submit utility to turn in your assigment for grading. Please give yourself some time, especially where coding is involved! (Code can turn on you, like a rabid mink.)

final project

PHYS 6720 ONLY! Check out the Final Project [Due: last day of classes.]


  due date description

Thurs, 4-Sep. a01:    Intro to Unix. Sorting data of an astronomical nature.

Thurs, 11-Sep. a02:    Intro to gnuplot and python: Of weapons inspections and climate change.

Friday, 19-Sep. a03:    Intro to HTML and LaTeX. Make a webpage and apply for a job?

Thurs, 25-Sep. a04:    Maple. Thermal distributions and masses on springs.

Tues, 7-Oct. a05:    C++ and Monte Carlo methods. N-d integration, plus predicting an earthquake.

Friday, 31-Oct. a06:    Linear solves and data fitting (C++, LAPACK, python): resistors circuits and a population model?

Wedensday, 12-Nov. a07:    Solving equations of motion: Near Earth Asteroid!

Tues, 25-Nov. a08:    PDE intro: Carbon flow in the oceans.

Thurs, 11-Dec. a09:    Stat Mech & optimization: the venerable Ising model, and the classic travelling sales rep problem.


how to submit your exercises for grading

We use the submit utility developed by the University of Utah School of Computing. Here you will find an executive summary of how it works. Type man submit for details. To get started, try

submit p6720
to list upcoming assignments. [NOTE: use the tag "p6720" even if you are enrolled in PHYS 3730] If an assignment, say "a01" is on tap to be submitted, use

submit p6720 a01
to list all the files that you may have submitted for that assignment. Note that the assignment name must match one of the assignments you see when you type submit p6720.

submit p6720 a01 file1 file2 file3
submits your files file1, file2 and file3 for the assignment a01. The file names should be exactly as requested in the assignment. You may submit files all at once or submit only some of them and the rest at a later time. If you submit the same file twice, the second version replaces the previous version. So be sure any replacements are complete. If you submit the wrong file, you can't delete it, but we will ignore it.

Note: For the daily lab exercises the name of the submitted file is the same as the name of the assignment, so you submit the first lab exercise using

submit p6720 lab01 lab01

Permissions and late submissions: When the due date has passed, the instructor closes the assignment, and no more submissions are permitted. You will get the message "not authorized" if you can't submit. Unfortunately, at this point this software also won't even let you list the files you submitted. If you have a good excuse for handing in a late assignment, the instructor may give you permission to submit it late. But you must then e-mail the instructor when it is ready to grade.

Caution: The assignments you submit are identified by the login name of the session in which you submit. If you change your login name or if you change the account from which you submit homework, please notify the instructor. Otherwise, you might not get credit for the work you submit.

Thanks to Carleton DeTar for submit utility instructions.