Lab Exercises

Computer Lab exercise will emphasize and extend concepts presented in lecture. NB! Lab assigments, while posted in full, are not to be considered finalized until the lecture before (2+ days) to the due date!!!

The following links are to individual exercises, which are for you to work on during the latter part of each class. Each exercise will require you to create a text file that is to be submitted for grading. This file must be turned in before the class on the specified due date. Follow this link to the bottom of the page for instruction on how to submit your work.

Thanks to Carleton Detar for providing material used in many of these lab exercises.


  due date description

Thurs, 11-Dec.. FINAL EXAM (alternative to exam during finals week.)

Thurs, End-of-time. Lab 26 Animations.

Thurs, 4-Dec. Lab 25 Creating images

Tues, 2-Dec. Lab 24 Lists in python (prep for homework)

Tues, 25-Nov. Lab 23 Optimization

Thurs, 20-Nov. Lab 22 Signal processing: filters

Tues, 17-Nov. Lab 21 Intro to FFT's

Thurs, 13-Nov. Lab 20 Intro to PDE's

Tues, 11-Nov. Lab 19 ODEs: Schrodinger's equation and when growing modes "go bad"

Thurs, 6-Nov. Lab 18 Numerical integration, plus command-line arguments

Tues, 4-Nov. Lab 17 ODEs: equations of motion [***]

Thurs, 30-Oct. Lab 16 File I/O (C++, python)

Tues, 28-Oct. Lab 15 Data fitting

Thurs, 23-Oct. Lab 14 Tar & Makefiles plus intro to LAPACK with C++

Thurs, 21-Oct. Lab 13 Arrays, vectors, in C++

Tues, 07-Oct. Lab 12 Classes in C++

Thurs, 02-Oct. Lab 11 Pointers and references in C++.

Tues, 30-Sep. Lab 10 More C++.

Thurs, 25-Sep. Lab 09 Intro to C++.

Tues, 23-Sep. Lab 08 More Maple.

Thurs, 18-Sep. Lab 07 Intro to Maple.

Tues, 16-Sep. Lab 06 Document prep with LaTeX.

Thurs, 11-Sep. Lab 05 Intro to HTML and CSS.

Tues, 9-Sep. Lab 04 Plotting with gnuplot and python.

Thurs, 4-Sep. Lab 03 Scripts and an intro to python.

Tues, 2-Sep. Lab 02 More about Unix: processes, sed, awk and sort.

Thurs, 28-Aug. Lab 01 Intro to Unix and the emacs editor.


how to submit your exercises for grading

For each exercise, you will create a single text file as instructed with a file name of the form "lab##", where "##" is "01", "02", etc. Turn this file in for grading using the submit utility on the Department unix computers. For the first exercise, use
submit p6720 lab01 lab01
Please note that "lab01" is repeated. For the second lab the command is
submit p6720 lab02 lab02
and so forth.

Links to individual lab exercise will be posted on this page; they are due by the start of class on the date listed.