Lecture plan


Week 1. Tues, 26-Aug. Course overview, intro to Unix, file structures and editing with Emacs.

  Thurs, 28-Aug. More on Unix: info/man pages, processes, sort, sed and awk.

Week 2. Tues, 2-Sep. Shell scripts and an intro to python.

  Thurs, 4-Sep. Plotting with python and gnuplot.

Week 3. Tues, 9-Sep. Document preparation: HTML and CSS.

  Thurs, 11-Sep. Document preparation: LaTex.

Week 4. Tues, 16-Sep. Symbolic manipulation with Maple.

  Thurs, 18-Sep. Case studies with Maple.

Week 5. Tues, 23-Sep. Intro to C++.

  Thurs, 25-Sep. C++, functions, and a little Monte Carlo.

Week 6. Tues, 30-Sep. pointers and references in C++.

  Thurs, 2-Oct. Classes in C++

Week 7. Tues, 7-Oct. Vectors and matrices.

  Thurs, 9-Oct. MIDTERM EXAM!

Week 8. Tues, 14-Oct. *** Fall break ***

  Thurs, 16-Oct. *** Fall break ***

Week 9. Tues, 21-Oct. Makefiles

  Thurs, 23-Oct. Probability, statistics and data analysis; model fitting.

Week 10. Tues, 28-Oct. I/O and managing data files

  Thurs, 30-Oct. Numerical integration.

Week 11. Tues, 4-Nov. ODE's: Equations of motion.

  Thurs, 6-Nov. ODE's and numerical stablity.

Week 12. Tues, 11-Nov. PDE's.

  Thurs, 13-Nov. Fast Fourier Transforms.

Week 13. Tues, 18-Nov. Filters and signal processing.

  Thurs, 20-Nov. Optimization.

Week 14. Tues, 25-Nov. Creating images.

  Thurs, 27-Nov. *** Thanksgiving ***

Week 15. Tues, 2-Dec. Animations.

  Thurs, 4-Dec. Case studies in computational physics.

Week 16. Tues, 9-Dec. Review

  Thurs, 11-Dec. FINAL EXAM (offered as alternative to final exam week)