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on-line resources

Here is an attempt to provide starting point for the myriad online resources that you can find on-line. This list may evolve over the semester. [Thanks to Carleton Detar for providing many of the links.]

If you find a particularly useful resource, please let me know so I can pass it on to the class.

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text teferences

This list of reference books spans many of the topics covered in this course ‐ Thanks to Carleton Detar.

General computational physics:

The Numerial Recipes book is is a more advanced reference combining numerical methods and algorithms. Students who plan to do any amount of scientific computing or numerical data analysis are strongly urged to obtain this book. While you may obtain the C version itself for free, on-line, you must purchase the book to obtain electronic copies of (and user license) to the many pieces of code discussed therein.


Programming languages:


Document Preparation: