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             Physics 1050

Lectures:   T - H 10:45 - 12:05
Instructor:  Prof. GL Cassiday
Office:       B5 - JFB
Phone:       581-6635
Office Hrs: 12:05 - 1:05


                            Course Information

Your class schedule (including exam dates and homework due dates) and a listing of text material to be covered on each exam can be found under Syllabus. Exam dates, sample exam questions and the last exam given (available after you take it) can be found under Exams. Information about how the class will be graded can be found under GradingSynopsis presents a brief discussion of the subject matter discussed in this class. The Homework link contains all of your assignments as well as their solutions (you do not hand in HW but I highly recommend you do it). All Power Point lectures are available. You can find them at PPTX_Lecs.  They might help, particularly if you miss class! Material supplementary to your text on the Copernican revolution can be found under at Extra_lecs.

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                                                              Other Useful Links
The Nine Planets tour is a must! Great source of figures and info of entire Solar System! Both the JPL&NASA and Hubble Telescope links are also great education and picture resources.
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