Physics 1080       Does ET Exist? 
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 Physics 1080
 Room: B101 JFB
 Lecs: 09:05 - 10:25 am
 Text: Life in the Universe, Bennett
 Instructor: GL Cassiday
 Office Hours: 12:05 - 1:05
 Phone: 581-6635


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Astrobiology Origins of Life SETI
Cosmic Evolution Nasa Spacelink PBS
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All the information that you need can be found at the above links.   The Syllabus link contains the lecture - exam schedule and the final dates to do all homework assignments before exam. The Homework link contains all homework assignments (you do not hand them in...use them to study for exams)and links to solutions! The Grading link explains how your grade will be calculated for this class. Sample exams and Last Exam taken(available after you take the exam) can be found at Exam Info. Supplementary lecture material can be found under Extra Lectures. (On Exam06 you will be tested on material contained in the Lecture about the Arecibo Message.) PowerPoint lectures given in class may be found at PowerPoint Lecs:

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