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Syllabus        Homework        Labs        Exams         Grading


The above links contain…or direct you to…all the information that you will need for this class.

·       The syllabus link gives you the class schedule and directs you to downloads for the class lectures. The lectures are in word docx format. I recommend that you bring a computer to class to follow along with my lectures.

·      The homework link directs you to downloads for each HW assignment.

·      The Labs link tells you which labs to do as described in your text.

·      The Exams link describes the format and subject matter for each of your two exams…Midterm and Final.

·      The Grading link tells you how the class is graded.


·      The text for the class is: Learning the Art of Electronics, Thomas C. Hayes, Cambridge University Press, 2016.

·      It is derived from a more comprehensive treatise called The Art of Electronics, Paul Horowitz & Winfred Hill, Cambridge Univ. Press, 3rd Ed., 2015. You might be able to download AoE for free…maybe. I highly recommend its use.


·      You can contact me at if you have any questions. Office hours are after class or 10:30 am, Tues/Thursday @ Room 205, JFB