Welcome to 2017-2018 Condensed Matter Seminar series
Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Schedule: Tuesday - 4:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

Location: JFB 334, unless otherwise noted.

Parking: Park at the metered stalls on President's Circle, or park in the visitor pay lot that is south-east of the James Fletcher Building.

CMS Committee: Oleg Starykh (chair for Spring), Sarah Li (chair for Fall), Vikram Deshpande, Hans Malissa, John Worlock

Reimbursements: Nancy Kurtzeborn (nancy@physics.utah.edu)

Spring 2017 semester

Talk Title
Jan 09 Nan Jiang, UIC Nanoscale Chemical Imaging via Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Advanced Raman Spectroscopy Techniques abstract Sarah Li
Jan 16 Vikram Deshpande \pi Phase Shifts and Half-Quantized Hall Conductances: New Measurements of Topological Invariants in One and Three Dimensions abstract local
Jan 23 Ross Hrubiak, ANL Microstructure of metals reveals new phases at high pressure and high temperature conditions abstract Shanti Deemyad
Jan 30 Verun Verma, NIST Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors: a review of recent progress abstract Andrey Rogachev
Feb 06 Tim Hsieh, UCSB Topological Bootstrap: From Free Fermions to Fractionalization abstract Oleg Starykh
Feb 13 Ryuichi Tsuchikawa Mesoscopic Thermoelectric Measurements of a 2D Metal-Organic Framework abstract local
Feb 20 Michael Pretko, Univ of Colorado Higher rank quantum spin liquids abstract Dima Pesin
Feb 27 Natalia Drichko, Johns Hopkins Univ Observation of a quantum dipole liquid state in an organic quasi-two-dimensional material abstract Oleg Starykh
Mar 06 No seminar: March Meeting 2018
Mar 13 Andrey Zheludev, ETH Zurich Low-energy excitations in spin chains and ladders abstract Oleg Starykh
Mar 20 No seminar: Spring Break
Mar 27 Karine Chesnel, BYU A journey through magnetic memory abstract Shanti Deemyad
Apr 03 Mohammad Maghrebi, Michigan State Univ Pre-thermalization: non-equilibrium physics of many-body systems abstract Eugene Mishchenko
Apr 10 Kostya Matveev, ANL Viscosity of one-dimensional quantum liquids abstract Oleg Starykh
Apr 17 Misha Raikh Smearing of the quantum anomalous Hall effect due to statistical fluctuations of magnetic dopants abstract local
Apr 24 Dima Pesin Quantum mechanics of fluids in solids abstract local

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