Welcome to 2018-2019 Condensed Matter Seminar series
Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Schedule: Tuesday - 4:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

Location: JFB 334, unless otherwise noted.

Parking: Park at the metered stalls on President's Circle, or park in the visitor pay lot that is south-east of the James Fletcher Building.

CMS Committee: Vikram Deshpande (Chair), Shanti Deemyad, Hans Malissa, Misha Raikh, John Worlock

Reimbursements: Mandi Peterson (mandi.peterson@utah.edu)

Fall 2018 semester

Talk Title
Aug 21 Jingying Wang, U of U Spintronic Devices Based on Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Trihalide Perovskites Abstract Local
Aug 28 Feng Liu, U of U (MSE) Flat-Band Materials Abstract Local
Sept 04 Yunshan Wang, U of U (Chem Engg) Fluorescence biosensors with plasmonic enhancement and molecular trapping at the nanoscale Abstract Local
Sept 11 No seminar Local
Sept 18 No seminar
Sept 25
Oct 02 No seminar -- RPT
Oct 09 No seminar -- Fall Break
Oct 16 Jeremy Johnson, BYU Can you hear the shape of the interatomic potential energy surface? High-field THz spectroscopy of crystalline systems Abstract Vikram Deshpande
Oct 23 Rodrigo Noriega, U of U (Chemistry) Polymers move electrical charge with a multiscale mechanism Abstract Local
Oct 30 Evan Lafalce, U of U Non-Hermitian Laser Mode Dynamics in Coupled Quantum Dot Microdisks Abstract Local
Nov 06 Misha Fogler, UC San Diego Hyperbolic waves in Nature, nano to Ter(r)a Abstract Misha Raikh
Nov 13
Nov 20 Erik Henriksen, Washington University Vikram Deshpande
Nov 27 Ilya Drozdov, Brookhaven National Lab Andrey Rogachev
Dec 04 Ian Appelbaum, UMD Christoph Boehme

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