Welcome to 2016-2017 Condensed Matter Seminar series

Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Schedule:Tuesday - 4:00pm, unless otherwise noted.
Location:JFB 334, unless otherwise noted.
Parking: Park at the metered stalls on President's Circle, or park in the visitor pay lot that is south-east of the James Fletcher Building
CMS Committee: Vikram Deshpande (chair), Sarah Li, Hans Malissa, Dima Pesin, John Worlock
Reimbursements: Nancy Kurtzeborn

Fall 2016
Aug 23 Speaker: Andreas Sperlich, University of Wurzburg, "Observation of Spin States involved in Organic Electroluminescence Based on Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence" Host: Hans Malissa
Aug 30 Speaker: Bill Rice, University of Wyoming, "Exciton Magnetic Polarons in Magnetically Doped Colloidal Nanocrystals" Host: Sarah Li
Sept 06 Speaker: Ajit Srivastava, Emory University, "2D Materials - A New Platform for Strong Light-Matter Interactions" Host: Vikram Deshpande
Sept 13 Special Colloquium; Speaker: Sarah Li, University of Utah. Note different place and time: JFB 101, 4:15pm Host: Local
Sept 20 Special Colloquium; Speaker: Vikram Deshpande, University of Utah. Note different place and time: JFB 101, 4:15pm Host: Local
Sept 27 Speaker: Masa Ishigami, University of Central Florida, "Ultra-low friction of gold nanocrystals on graphene" Host: Vikram Deshpande
Oct 04 No Seminar -- RPT
Oct 11 No Seminar -- Fall Break
Oct 18 Speaker: Heayoung Yoon, University of Utah (ECE), "Nanoscale Optoelectronic Characterizations of Inhomogeneous Thin-Film Solar Cells" Host: Vikram Deshpande
Oct 25 Speaker: Evan Lafalce, University of Utah, "Parity-Time Symmetry and Coupling Effects in Quantum Dot Microdisk Lasers" Host: Local
Nov 01 Speaker: Paul Haney, NIST, "Polycrystalline photovoltaics: grain boundaries and spin-orbit coupling" Host: Valy Vardeny
Nov 08 No Seminar
Nov 15 Speaker: Arend van der Zande, UIUC, "Emergent physics in atomic membranes" Host: Vikram Deshpande
Nov 22 Speaker: Michael Grunwald, University of Utah (Chemistry), "Complex materials from self-assembly: Insights from computer simulations" Host: Vikram Deshpande
Nov 29 Speaker: Rahul Nandkishore, CU Boulder, "Many body localization and thermalization" Host: Oleg Starykh
Dec 06 Speaker: Shixiong Zhang, Indiana University Bloomington, "Pyrochlore iridates: synthesis, magnetism and transport" Host: Sarah Li

Spring 2017
Jan 10 Speaker: No Seminar Host:
Jan 17 Speaker: Victor Yakovenko, University of Maryland, "Time-Reversal-Symmetry-Breaking Superconductivity in Epitaxial Bismuth/Nickel Bilayers" Host: Dima Pesin
Jan 24 Speaker: Stephen Doorn, Los Alamos National Laboratory, "Photoluminescent Defect States in Carbon Nanotubes: Photophysics and New Functionality" Host: Vikram Deshpande
Jan 31 Speaker: Brian Saam, University of Utah Host: Local
Feb 07 No seminar Host:
Feb 14 Speaker: Elaine Li, "Coherent Quantum Dynamics in Atomically Thin Semiconductors: excitons, trions and valley pseudospins" Host: Sarah Li
Feb 21 No seminar Host:
Feb 28 Speaker: Martin Mourigal, Georgia Tech, "Spin-liquids in novel triangular and kagome rare-earth magnets" Host: Oleg Starykh
Mar 07 Speaker: Sergey Frolov, University of Pittsburgh, "Kitaev dot chains and Majorana fermions in semiconductor nanowires" Host: Andrey Rogachev
Mar 14 No Seminar -- Spring Break
Mar 21 Speaker: Michael Hermele, CU Boulder, "Crystalline topological phases with strong interactions" Host: Oleg Starykh
Mar 28 Speaker: Jayakanth Ravichandran, USC, "Perovskite Chalcogenides: A new class of “Transition Metal” Based Semiconductors"< Host: Vikram Deshpande
Apr 04 Speaker: Erez Berg, University of Chicago, "Bad metals and quantum chaos in a large-N electron-phonon model" Host: Dima Pesin
Apr 11 Speaker: Leonid Pryadko, UC Riverside, "Dephasing with strings attached" Host: Misha Raikh
Apr 18 Speaker: Klaus Lips, Free University Berlin, "Looking for a needle in a haystack: the mechanism of photodegradation and recombination in amorphous silicon revisited by electron paramagnetic resonance" Host: Christoph Boehme
Apr 25 Speaker: Zhuxi Luo, University of Utah, "Landau-Zener transition driven by a slow noise" Host: Misha Raikh