Carleton DeTar

Axis and Hist

Axis is a locally implemented 2D plot utility. It was developed by John Richardson and Bob Pearson at the University of California, Santa Barbara and modified by Douglas Toussaint, currently of the University of Arizona. It is primitive compared with major plotting packages, such as gnuplot, Plot79, IMSL Exponential Graphics, and the plotting facilities of symbolic manipulation programs like Maple and Mathematica. However, it is extremely easy to use, so it is ideal for classroom instruction. Even so, it produces publication quality graphs. For further information, see or axis.txt

Hist is a simple histogramming utility. (A histogram is used in the statistical analysis of data to display the frequency of occurrences of a variable within a set of regularly spaced ranges. For example, a study of the heights of physics majors might produce a table showing the numbers of physics majors in the study population with heights falling within a series of height intervals spaced 1 cm apart.) The hist utility can be used in conjunction with axis to produce a graphical display of the histogram.