The Bare Bones

This chapter provides the barest essentials to get started running programs in Fortran, C, and C++. It covers Unix, emacs, and the procedures for invoking the compilers. Although this introduction covers the absolutely minimal set, as this course progresses, you will want to continually extend your knowledge of the operating system, editor, and compiler to become more effective in the use of the computer. For more than just the bare bones, see the remaining chapters and online references for more details. Since the best way to learn these topics is by using them, it is suggested that you start by practicing this minimal set and then begin using the other lessons to gradually add to your skills, always making an effort to incorporate new skills into regular use as you learn them.

To learn more, see the list of courses with online material in the first page of this Physics Department Computer Laboratory Manual. (Select “Up:” in the navigation space of this page.)

Please note that some of the discussion assumes that your account has been set up with a standard student environment, i.e. running the csh or tcsh command interpreter with standard files .cshrc, .login, and .Xdefaults. If this is not the case, there may be subtle differences between the discussion here and what you see. Do not worry.