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Carleton DeTar detar at physics.utah.edu

Obtaining an Account


Any student or faculty member of the University of Utah needing access to computing in the Physics department for education and/or research in keeping with the mission of the University of Utah is eligible.

For a complete list of account categories, please see /usr/local/policy/account_categories.txt

Application Form

The departmental computer facilities page provides links to a variety of page formats for the application form. Print it, get the appropriate approval signature, and put the completed form in Brad Hawks's departmental mailbox in 201 JFB.

User Policy

By accessing your account you agree implicitly to abide by the user policy. For the current policy, please see /home/plocal/policy/user_policy.txt. Please also see the departmental policy regarding the use of printers and modems.

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The translator was augmented by "uces.sty" and "uces.perl" (version 3.0b), which are available from the Hamlet Project at the University of Utah.

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