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Complex conjugate

For complex matrices, we can compute the complex conjugate.

>>> E = C*(1+1j)
>>> print(E)
[[ 1.+1.j  2.+2.j  3.+3.j]
 [ 4.+4.j  5.+5.j  6.+6.j]
 [ 7.+7.j  8.+8.j  9.+9.j]]
>>> F = E.conj()
>>> print(F)
[[ 1.-1.j  2.-2.j  3.-3.j]
 [ 4.-4.j  5.-5.j  6.-6.j]
 [ 7.-7.j  8.-8.j  9.-9.j]]

To make this matrix we started from C in the example above and multiplied by $1+i$, which, in Python is written as 1+1j. The complex conjugate can also be obtained with the function np.conjugate(E).

Carleton DeTar 2018-02-12