Unix sftp

The sftp utility is more versatile, since it allows making a directory listing and provides for some manipulating of files and directories on the remote machine as well as carrying out file transfers. Of course, you need to have an account on the remote machine.

Here is how you can use sftp to transfer the file we used in the Unix scp example above.

First log in with sftp:

sftp zeke@physics.utah.edu
At the sftp> prompt change directories using
sftp> cd a01
If you like, you can do a directory listing using
sftp> ls
This is helpful if you forgot the name of the file, for example. Then use get to transfer the file to your local current directory with
sftp> get exercise01

Use put to transfer the file the other way

sftp> put exercise01

Those are the basics. To learn more, use man sftp, and to see a listing of possible commands, type help at the sftp> prompt.