X server for Windows: Xming

The Xming ``server'' allows external X11 processes to display windows on your Windows PC. More recent Mac's should already have this capability under OS X and Unix (Linux) installations typically have this capability, so they won't need Xming. In simple language, you need to install it on your Windows PC if you want to use PuTTY to display things like gnuplot graphs. The Xming developer, Colin Harrison, allows you to download older versions for free from SourceForge, which should work fine for our purposes, but he asks for a donation to download newer versions, which you might consider.

Download Xming from SourceForge and install it.

Here are the steps for configuring XMing on your Windows machine

  1. Start XLaunch.
  2. Select multiple windows and hit Next.
  3. Continue hitting Next, keeping the default settings.
  4. Then hit Finish OR you can save the configuration. I did and called it ``server'' so I can restore this session later without going through these steps.
  5. The Microsoft security software might give you a warning about allowing Xming to accept external connections. You should allow them in this case.
  6. If you reboot your PC you may need to redo these steps.

Test your installation by opening a PuTTY window and typing xterm. After several seconds you a new xterm window should pop up on your screen.

Note that if you reboot your computer, you will also need to restart Xming.