Unix: ssh with X forwarding

To start an X-window session from a remote machine named draco.physics.utah.edu, use the command

    ssh -X <username>@draco.physics.utah.edu
The -X requests X11 forwarding so you can launch and display other windows from the remote machine. You are then prompted for your password.

If automatic X-forwarding doesn't work, you may need to set permissions to launch X sessions. Here is how to do that. Suppose your local machine is called myhost.mydomain.com. You first need to tell your local window manager that draco.physics.utah.edu has permission to create windows and you have to tell physics.utah.edu where to put them. In this case, start your session with

    xhost draco.physics.utah.edu
    ssh draco.physics.utah.edu
and after you log in, type the following command:
    setenv DISPLAY myhost.mydomain.com:0.0
Then if you type emacs, for example, the emacs window should appear on your local machine. Depending on the speed of your connection the emacs display may be acceptable or too slow.

Security note: If you don't use automatic X-forwarding, any X session you launch is not encrypted. The security concern here is that you launch an xterm window and then type a password in it.

To end your session, type exit or logout.