Windows: WinSCP

WinSCP by Martin Prykryl of the Czech Republic is a popular user-friendly client for transfering files to and from a home PC and the Physics Department computers. It is currently available from SourceForge, but search Google for WinSCP if it is not there.

To open a WinSCP session you need to tell it your username and the domain name of a physics computer. The generic name is

The program gives a convenient side-by-side display of the files and directories (folders) of your home computer and those of your Physics Department account. You can copy files and whole directories from one window to the next by using drag and drop. Take care that you remember which side is for your home PC and which side is for the Physics Department computer. Also, if you drag and drop, be careful that you aren't unintentionally dropping the file into a sub-folder where it might be hard to find later. Note that WinSCP uses a group selection feature to allow copying of whole sets of files and/or directories. The space-bar and the Ctrl key are used to make the selection.