Joe Zachary and Carleton DeTar

A Few More Unix Commands, Redirection and Pipes

This tutorial continues the introduction to Unix. You will learn about a few more useful Unix commands, how to specify absolute and relative paths, and how to use input and output redirection and pipes.

It is assumed that you have already completed the Bare Bones lesson.

For some of the commands it will be useful to work with a standard file. Let's create one called "no_use". If you already have this file, please delete it or rename it before creating it. Then create the file either by retyping these lines in your xterm window or better, still, by copying and pasting from this window:

cat > no_use
It's not worth worrying about it.
There's nothing you can do about it.
No two quarks can occupy the same quantum mechanical state.
To view the file "no_use", type
cat no_use
You will use this file later.