gcc (C)

The GNU C compiler is called gcc. We also have the Sun compiler cc and the Sun ISO C compiler interface c89. To compile and link a program called runge.c with all the default options, and including routines from the math library (the usual case), use the command
  gcc runge.c -o runge -lm
If there are coding errors, you will see a list of error messages with source code line numbers indicated.

To compile and link with the LAPACK and math libraries use

  gcc runge.c -o runge -lm -llapack
Be sure to use the LAPACK header file supplied in this course. (Do this by putting the statement #include "lapack.h" at the top of your source program and copy the file  p6720/include/lapack.h into the directory where you keep the source file. This header file is incomplete and will be added to during the term, so watch for announcements.)