MILC code Version 7


Summary of improvements over previous versions.


MILC code mailing list

If you wish to be notified of new releases and occasional problems, you are welcome to add your name to the MILCcode list .

MILC Code Tutorial

The updated HackLatt 2008 tutorials provide a very brief introduction to the MILC code and give instructions for building and running it. For an earlier version, see KITPC 2009 tutorials .

Prerequisites, if building with QUDA code

GPU acceleration of some time-critical routines is now supported through the QUDA package. The QUDA MILC interface is also required. It is currently a separate tar ball.

Prerequisites, if building with SciDAC code

Most of the MILC code can be built independently of the SciDAC code suite . Many modules now require the basic QIO and QMP packages. When SciDAC packages are desired, the following versions of the MILC code are compatible with these recent SciDAC versions and later:

Other optional supporting packages


Development of the MILC and SciDAC code and the generation of archived gauge configurations is supported through grants by the US National Science Foundation and Department of Energy.
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