PHYCS 3730/6720 Lab Exercise

Reading and references:
Answer file Mylab23.txt.

Exercise 1. Creating the Figure

The file ~p6720/exercises/latex_figures/cav_accel2 contains data taken by a student in the Modern Physics Laboratory. Use gnuplot or pyplot to plot these points with error bars. Create a Postscript figure. With gnuplot, the figure will come out rotated 90 degrees if you use the usual set terminal postscript command. To fix this, use the modified command
   set terminal postscript portrait

Nothing to hand in.

Exercise 2. Inserting the Figure

Since we are using pdflatex, you'll need to convert from Postscript to PDF. Use the command
where in place of, use the name you gave your postscript file in Exercise 1. The result of the conversion replaces the ps extension to a pdf extension. You can check your result using acroread. Then, following instructions in the Introduction to LaTeX handout, create a LaTeX document with a few words and insert the figure from Exercise 1, along with an appropriate caption. Use pdflatex to create a PDF document as output.

There is another way to correct the orientation of the figure. Instead of requesting postscript portrait in gnuplot, simply create the figure in the usual way, but in the LaTeX document use a modified includegraphics command
with an angle of rotation specified.

Copy your LaTeX document to your answer file and submit it.