PHYCS 3730/6720 Lab Exercise

Reading and references:

Note: If you are already familiar with Matlab, you may use it to do this exercise instead of Maple. In that case you may skip the Maple reading and Exercises 1 and 2 below. Please be sure to show the Matlab commands you use to complete Exercise 3 below.

Exercise 1.

This is an introduction to Maple. Read through the Maple introduction . Start a Maple session and play with some of the examples in these notes. (Nothing to hand in.)

Exercise 2.

Copy the Maple worksheet ~detar/public_html/lessons/maple_notes/maple_1.mws to one of your directories and work through it.
Do this by opening Maple with that file. Use the command xmaple maple_1.mws. (Nothing to hand in.)

Exercise 3.

Use Maple to help you find the solution to
    x = 6 e-x.
to 4 significant digits. Do this in two ways: