PHYCS 3730/6720 Lab Exercise

Reading and references:
Answer file Mylab21.txt.

Exercise 1. HTML

This exercise assumes that you have already set up your account to have a home page. If you haven't, see the Introduction to HTML. Create a hello-world html document called index.html in a directory called ~/public_html. Put in your file the following text:

Hello world.

Note things in angular brackets are called tags. They are directives for anything (e.g., a web browser) which interprets HTML.

View your document by choosing a "location" or (URL=Universal Resource Locator) to be (for example)
This is the "URL" of your class home page.

Make a second file called "next.html". Be sure to set permissions so the world can read it. Write some text in it, then use your browser to open and display this file. Do this in 2 ways:
1) open the file as a "location" (URL starting with http); and
2) open the file as a "document" (the local file name).
In the first case use the URL of your home page followed immediately by a "/next.html". In the second case in place of the http URL you use the file URL file://HOME/public_html/next.html where HOME is the absolute path to your home directory. Note that your home directory path starts with a slash, so you will get three slashes in a row. In Firefox, this is done by typing the file URL in the location box at the top of the page.

Create a "link" from your home page to this new document, by inserting into your index.html file the text

<a href="next.html">here is a link to the next file!</a>
Re-aim your browser at your home page. You may need to refresh the page.

Finally, make a link from the next.html page back to your home page, but this time use the full URL of your home page (e.g., "http://...") in the <a href="..."> tag.

Your home page will be sufficient evidence you did this exercise.

Exercise 2. LaTeX

This exercise has to do with LaTeX. Create a latex document called "hello.ltx" with the following text:

Hello, World.
To generate a pdf file from your latex source, type
pdflatex hello.ltx
acroread hello.pdf

Modify your hello file to include a sentence

The value is $x = 3.141$.
Then try making a separate equation with
The equation
y = \int^{x_1}_{x_0} \sin^3(x) dx
is easily solved.
Try using some of the special symbols, e.g., \delta,\pi,\Sigma, \sum (used like \int above), ^ (superscript), _ (subscript), \vec{x} and \frac{1}{1+x}.

Next, modify your document so that it prints words of various sizes and fonts:

{\large hi}
{\Large hi}
{\huge hi}
{\small hi}
{\footnotesize hi}
{\bf bold!}
{\em emphasis}
Next, modify your \documentclass with the option 12pt to change your text size from the default, 10pt. Do this by inserting a "[12pt]" immediately before the argument "{article}".

Copy your LaTeX file to the answer file for handing in.