PHYCS 3730/6720 Lab Exercise

Reading and references:
Answer file Mylab16.txt.

Exercise 1. Random numbers

Write a Python code for generating 1000 random real numbers on the interval [0,10]. [Warning: don't call it "". This will confuse Phthon.] Generate a histogram of the values and plot it. Make the histogram have bins of width 0.5. In the same plot, plot a horizontal line showing the expected average height of each bin. (This is just the number of samples divided by the number of bins.) You may use hist and gnuplot or try your hand with matplotlib.pyplot.hist . Copy your Python code to the answer file. Also put either your Gnuplot command or your pyplot command in the answer file.

Exercise 2. Poisson distribution

This is a warmup exercise for assignment 6. Use Python to calculate the values of the Poisson distribution (times M):
    N(k) = M dke-d/k!
with M = 20, d = 5, for a range of integers k from 0 to 20. Note that math.factorial(k) evaluates the factorial. Plot the result with either gnuplot or pyplot.

Put your Python commands for generating the table in the answer file. Also put the table of your k, N(k) numbers in the answer file. Finally, include either your gnuplot or pyplot commands.