An HTML Example

by Benjamin Bromley with some modifications by Carleton DeTar

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Hello world. This is my first paragraph

Tags in HTML control all. for example, you can force a line break with the < br > tag.
Otherwise the browser will just keep on wrapping the text across the whole page.

horizontal rules are good, so long as there aren't too many of them.

A list of some simple font types.

And now a link to another url, the UofU's homepage. this part of the document will be tagged with a name so we can link back directly to it. We'll do this below. But first, a couple of images, to make this doc longer:

And now lets go back to the name tag. Those are some of the basics. if you have questions, please send mail to me via Physics 3730/6720 Instructor or send me a note through the Canvas system.