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Physics 3730/6720 Lab Schedule and Access

Fall Semester 2017
The computer lab is in 205 S Physics. It should be locked. Please do not prop the door open. Also the S Physics building itself is locked after hours and on weekends. See the schedule below. Access to the lab and to the S Physics building is by card scan only.

The card scanner reads an RFID chip in your student UCard. These chips are a recent UCard addition. To see if you have the new version, look at the back of your card. Along the edge next to the magnetic stripe you should see some printed numbers. There should be a 2* followed by a several-digit number. This is called the C-Cure number. If your card does not have this number, you will need to ask for a new one at the UCard office in the Olpin Union building.

Once you have the up-to-date card, you need to register your number with the Physics and Astronomy department by completing and submitting the departmental access request form that is linked to the Department Facilities page. Fill it in (especially the C-Cure number) and follow the instructions for mailing it or delivering it to Heidi Frank. All students in the class should check the box for access to the Computer lab, S Phys, and give the course number as the reason for wanting access. If you need to use the lab after hours and/or on weekends, see below.

The S Physics building is locked at night and on weekends. It should be open during the following hours

             MTH     6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
             W       6:00 AM - midnight
	     F       6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
             Sat     8:50 AM - 3:00 PM
If you need to enter the building outside of these hours, please speak with the instructor, and then complete the access request form , checking the box for the S Phys East Entrance as well as the lab. Please plan ahead, since it takes a couple of days to set up access.
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