Physics 2210, Supplemental Instruction

Welcome to Physics

Physics is an exciting course. In the 2200 series you will become familiar with many of the forces that govern the way the Universe functions. This may seem a daunting task, but I am confident that if you focus on the course concepts and practice the necessary math you will find physics enlightening and refreshing. It is my goal to help you develop the necessary study skills to master the concepts and mathematical techniques taught in this course.

What you will find here

In order to help you in your quest to understand physics I have information on this site that is related to this course specifically, and helpful habits for any course. I have listed the SI schedule, as well as how you can contact me. I also have various course related items, such as TA schedules, concept calendar, etc.

You may contact me via e-mail at or you can stop by my office in JFB 109 (I'm not always there, but it's worth a shot). If you would like to call my office first, the number is 587-7700.