I am trying to sign up for a section, but it says I need a permission code to get in. Can I have a permission code?


         From past experience over the last 10 years, I can tell you that usually sections fill up very quickly and completely in the weeks and months prior to the beginning of the semester. It may look very bleak to get into your desired section at first. However, quite a few students will still drop out from the classes in the week before the semester starts and especially in the first week of classes. Therefore, you should remain calm about the situation and see how it works out as the semester starts.


         The registration system has a wait list feature. If you try to register for a lab section and the lab section is currently full, you are placed on a wait list for this lab section. Please note, that you may see an open spot yet you are still placed on the wait list. That could be because someone ahead of you on the wait list has been given the opportunity to register but they have not yet responded. Please note that the wait list feature gets deactivated approximately 1 week after the start of the semester. From then on, if a seat opens up in a lab section and you wish to take it, you need to contact Mrs. Tamara Young ( tamara@physics.utah.edu ). She will then check your prerequisites and if they are met and the seat is still available, you can get a permission code from me (lab director). These permission codes will be given out to the first person who requests it after the seat opens up. We will not keep or use a wait list at that point.


         Some people may not be able to register even though there is plenty of space available. This could be due to unmet prerequisites or because a prerequisite was met at another institution and the information is still unavailable in our electronic system. In such cases, please contact Mrs. Tamara Young ( tamara@physics.utah.edu ). She can verify your prerequisite status and then forward this information to me (lab director) to issue a permission code when appropriate.


         Finally, I may slightly increase the enrollment maximum from 24 to 25 or 26 at the start of the semester. However, I will do this unannounced so that each student has an equal chance to take advantage of the extra seats.