I missed/am going to miss a lab because of ...(fill in your reason from list below)...Can I attend a different section this week/next week to make up that lab


(reasons: aunt died, brother is getting married, have to go to interview for dental school, chemistry class is having a review session,  am sick, had an accident/flat tire/empty gas tank on the way to work, am getting divorced, took too many classes and thus had 5 midterms last week, have to work full time to support myself and had to do overtime at work, my wife/I had a baby, the sky is blue, the water is deep, the blossoms are out......)


No, in general you cannot attend a different section. You can make up the missed lab during the last week of classes. There are no regular lab activities scheduled in that week. You will have to sign up on the signup sheet that will be hung up in the labs (your name, your course, your section, the lab that you want to make up). Then you will have to come in during that week during your regular scheduled lab time and make up that lab.


In severe circumstances the lab director may grant an exception to this rule. However, in general, such an exception is not given if the circumstances only cause you to miss a number of labs that can be made up/dropped. For example: If your class allows you to make up one lab and drop one lab, the lab director will not grant an exception if your circumstances cause you to miss two labs. In this case, one of the labs will be the one you dropped, the other one can be made up during the regular scheduled make-up lab session of your class.


An example of a situation where an exception may be granted: Suppose you had knee surgery and missed two labs and suppose you miss a third lab because you had to attend a funeral and suppose your class only allows one lab to be dropped and one to be made up. In this case you should contact the lab director for permission to make up one extra lab.