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May, 2012

Jessica wins Outstanding Senior Award and Graduates!

Undergraduate Jessica Johnston won the outstanding senior award from the Department of Physics and Astronomy during graduation ceremonies. Jessica wrote an excellent honors thesis, entitled "FROM NANOSCIENCE TO ASTROPHYSICS: USING HIGH-RESOLUTION MICROSCOPY AND SPECTROSCOPY TECHNIQUES OF CARBONACEOUS CHONDRITES TO UNDERSTAND PLANET FORMATION". Jessica is heading out East at the end of the summer to begin her MD/PhD studies at Yale. Congratulations Jessica!!!

May, 2012

Yuchen Yang heads home to China to get married!

Yuchen Yang is flying home to China to marry his bride, a longtime friend of his. We expect great pictures of the ceremony and celebration! Congratulations Yuchen!!!

March 29, 2012

Sophie Ghimire Arrives!!!

Anil and Garima welcome their new baby girl, Sophie! Congratulations Anil and Garima... So cute!!!

March, 2012

Anil Ghimire passes his qualifying exam!

Anil Ghimire passes his oral qualifying exam and is now on his way toward his PhD. Congratulations Anil!

December, 2011

Prof. Gerton and Collaborators win a grant to study planet formation.

Prof. Gerton and collaborators Ben Bromley and Inese Ivans are awarded a seed grant from the University of Utah for their proposal, "Nanostructure of chondrites". This award is for using Raman spectroscopy/microsopy, atomic force microscopy, and electron microscopy to study the nanostructure of meteorite fragments with the goal of providing constraints on planet formation models.

December, 2011

Prof. Gerton and Collaborators win a grant to study defects on GaN nanowires.

Prof. Gerton and collaborators Jim Schuck and Shaul Aloni, from the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence-Berkeley National Laboratory, are awarded a seed grant from the newly formed Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at the University of Utah for their proposal, "Probing and Manipulating Individual Surface States on GaN Nanowires: Implications for Solar-Driven, Plasmon-Enhanced Water Splitting". This award is for critical initial steps in a completely new approach to water splitting based on mid-gap states associated with surface defects on GaN semiconductor nanowires.

August, 2011

Yuchen Yang joins the Gerton Lab.

Yuchen Yang, a 3rd-year PhD student from the USTC in China joins the Gerton Lab. Yuchen's project involves measurement of individual defect states on GaN nanowires using tip-enhanced fluorescence microscopy/spectroscopy. Yuchen has a strong background in nano-fabrication and also in modeling carbon-based nanomaterials such as graphene and nanotubes. Welcome Yuchen!

July, 2011

Eyal successfully defends his PhD dissertation!

Eyal defended his PhD dissertation, "OPTICAL INTERACTIONS BETWEEN SINGLE
EMITTERS AND NANOSTRUCTURES". Eyal's work received nice kudos from his committee. He will be missed. Eyal has decided to remain in Salt Lake City and has started a postoc position in John Lupton's lab.

June, 2011

Blueberry Arrives!!!

Ethan James Shafran arrived on June 30, 2011. Jen, Ethan, and Eyal are exhausted but very happy and proud, and we are too! Congratulations to the new parents!!!

June, 2011

Eyal's paper accepted to PRL!

Eyal's newest paper is accepted to Physical Review Letters and will be published in early July. The paper investigates how the near-field interactions between a sharp tip and a quantum dot are modulated by the quantum yield of the dot. We used the well-known phenomenon of fluorescence "blinking" for these studies and also demonstrated how the emission fluctuations associated with blinking can be suppressed via efficient coupling to the tip. Look for a link to the published paper on our publications page soon! Congratulations Eyal!

June, 2011

Carl heads to Colombia

Carl Ebeling attends the Pan American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI) on Frontiers in Imaging Science in Bogotá, Colombia. This workshop was organized by Florida Atlantic University and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia with the support of the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy of the USA. The PASI was organized to provide participants an opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art developments in imaging science, ranging from theoretical, quantum, computational, and experimental optics, and to interact with future collaborators. Carl's participation was funded by a National Science Foundation fellowship. Carl is getting to be very well traveled: I guess he's preparing for a career in academia!

May/June, 2011

WONTON'11 - Bordeaux

Prof. Gerton and Postdoc Yanil Dall'Asen travel to Bordeaux, France for the 4th International Workshop on Nanotube Optics and Nanospectroscopy (WONTON'11). Prof. Gerton gave a talk on energy transfer between quantum dots and carbon nanotubes, and Yanil presented a poster on a new project that uses carbon nanotubes to probe the resonant modes of plasmonic nanoantennas. This was an excellent workshop with many of the world's top experts in nanotube optics and spectroscopy. The venue for the workshop was a beautifully renovated church on the campus of the University of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is a beautiful town and we spent our evenings exploring the lively neighborhoods and excellent restaurants. The conference banquet was held at Chateau Kirwan, an excellent vineyard in the region, where we enjoyed a world-class meal and some very fine wine. After the conference, we spent another three days exploring the beautiful city of San Sebastian/Donostia in the Basque region of northern Spain. This will be the venue for next year's near-field optics conference (NFO-12).

May, 2011

Welcome Bhuwan!

Bhuwan Ghimire, an undergraduate student at Westminster College in Missouri, arrives to work on a summer project combining high-resolution Raman spectroscopy and astrophysics. The goal of the project is to understand how dust particles in the early solar system coalesced into larger objects that eventually formed into planets via gravitation. Bhuwan is originally from Nepal, and shares his last name with graduate student and fellow Nepali Anil Ghimire.

Jessica Johston
May, 2011

Jessica does it again!

Jessica Johnston wins several more scholarships including the Department's most prestigious undergraduate award, the Thomas Parmley Scholarship. She's racking up the awards and we're lucky to have her in the lab. Once again Jessica will be spending her summer as a counselor at a wilderness camp in the Colorado backcountry. We'll look forward to her return in August.

April, 2011

Carl's gettin' hitched!

Carl Ebeling finally asked Megan to marry him after many years together. He popped the question in Sydney, Australia and surprisingly, she agreed! The ceremony will take place at the Sossusvlei lodge in Namibia in August, 2013. Namibia is where Carl and Megan met while in the peace corps several years ago. Congratulations Carl and Megan!!! It looks like a beautiful and truly unique location for a wedding.

December, 2010

Carl treated like royalty in Germany!!!

Carl Ebeling attends a workshop on STED microscopy at the Ringberg Castle in the mountains outside of Tegernsee in the Bavarian region of Germany. This workshop was organized by Stefan Hell, director of the Max Planck Society's Department of Nanobiophotonics and members of his research group at the Ringberg Castle. The workshop focused on the theoretical and practical applications of STED microscopy, with an emphasis on the practical aspects of building a STED system.

September, 2010

Beijing Buddies

Prof. Gerton, shown here with two new pals in Beijing, and graduate student Eyal Shafran traveled to Beijing for the 11th International Conference on Near-Field Optics and Related Techniques (NFO-11). Between them, they visited the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, the Terra Cotta Soldiers (in Qian), the Peking Acrobats, and a number of very nice restaurants and bars. Beijing is a very lively city, and extremely affordable (if you can get there!). NFO-12 in 2012 will be in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain within the Basque region near the French border.

August, 2010

Congratulations Eyal!

PhD student Eyal Shafran's paper, "Energy transfer from an individual quantum to a carbon nanotube," is accepted for publication in Nano Letters. Eyal will give a talk on this work in September at the International Workshop on Scanning Probe Microscopy for Energy Applications at Oakridge National Laboratory's Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences. Eyal will also give a talk entitled, "Using the Bright and Dark States of Quantum Dots to Probe Tip-Sample Interactions," at the 11th International Conference on Near-Field Optics and Related Techniques (NFO-11) in Beijing at the end of August. Nice work!

August, 2010

Congratulations Ben!

Former Masters student Ben Martin lands a new job as a Software Engineer within the Operations Test Development Group at L-3 Communications in Salt Lake City. Now that you're making the big bucks, Ben, you owe us a beer! Congratulations!

July, 2010

Prof. Gerton monkeys around!

Jordan gets caught hanging around in the jungles of Mexico with his family on vacation. Amazingly, that harness was strong enough to support his heft, and he stayed safe all day. Get back to work!

Yanil Dall'Asén
July, 2010

Welcome Yanil!

Analia "Yanil" Dall'Asén joins the group as a postdoctoral research associate. Yanil is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Welcome Yanil!

June, 2010

Welcome back Anil!

Graduate student Anil Ghimire returns from Nepal as a married man! Anil spent 40 days in his native Nepal for his traditional Nepali wedding ceremony. We missed you Anil!

May, 2010

Welcome Cassandra!

Cassandra Hammons joins the group as an undergraduate researcher. Cassandra hails from Wyoming and is beginning her 3rd year at the University of Utah. Welcome Cassandra!

Ben Mangum, prof. Gerton and relative
May, 2010

Congratulations Ben!

Ben Mangum receives Ph.D. degree and starts postdoc position with Victor Klimov and Han Htoon at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Congratulations Ben!

Jessica Johston
May, 2010

Congratulations Jessica!

Undergraduate Jessica Johnston garners three awards for 2010-2011: the Kennecott, Women’s Club, and Department of Physics and Astronomy Scholarships. Congratulations Jessica!

March 3, 2010

Prof. Gerton gives a public lecture

Prof. Jordan Gerton gives a public lecture entitled, "Phonographs and Lightning Rods: Old Tools for New Nanoscience" at Keys on Main, a local piano bar. This lecture is part of the popular "Science Night Live " series.

December, 2009

Ben Martin receives Masters Degree

Ben Martin receives his Masters of Science in Science Instrumentation. Ben's instrumentation project involved building a confocal laser scanning optical microscope including the Labview algorithms used to control the scanning mirror and acquire and display images.

March, 2009

Prof. Gerton receives Early Career Teaching Award

Prof. Jordan Gerton is one of four recipients of the 2008-2009 Early Career Teaching Award from the University of Utah. The award recognizes distinction in teaching by faculty at an early stage in their careers as demonstrated by activities that result in increased learning by students, such as the development of new methods or other curricular innovation.

June, 2009

Prof. Gerton receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award

Prof. Jordan Gerton receives a prestigious Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program Award from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Gerton's proposal is entitled "Tip-Enhanced Fluorescence Microscope for Resolving Single Molecules Within Dense Biomolecular Networks."

July, 2007

Prof. Gerton receives Cottrell Scholar Award

Prof. Jordan Gerton is one of ten recipients of a prestigious Cottrell Scholar Award. Dr. Gerton's proposal is entitled "Toward Nanoscale Microscopy and Manipulation of Functional Biomolecular Networks."

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