Mission Statement

The department physics and astronomy graduate student advisory committee (GSAC) is a volunteer group of your fellow graduate students. Our mission is to be your advocate on behalf of your success in our department. We are your liaison if you are experiencing an issue with faculty, the grad school, or anything else that is negatively impacting your advancement towards a degree. We take all information given to us in a confidential fashion and will not share this information with others, except for what is required by law or if we fear for your immediate safety. Graduate school is hard, but you are not alone.

We also provide opportunities to meet your fellow graduate students in department socials and a chance to practice presenting your research in our graduate research seminar (GRS). Please feel free to contact us with questions at physics.gsac@gmail.com

GSAC Officers

Flo Doval

Flo Doval is a fourth-year physics graduate student and current chair of physics and astronomy GSAC. She works with Michael Vershinin using optical trapping experiments to study the physical properties of microtubule networks. You can contact her via email at flo.doval@utah.edu.

Sarina Etheridge

Sarina is a 2nd year graduate student, the current chair-elect of GSAC, and a coordinator for the graduate Women in Physics and Astronomy group. She received a B.S. in Astrophysics, as well as a B.S. in Physics from the College of Charleston in 2017. She works with Dan Wik observing mergers between galaxy clusters using X-Ray telescopes, in order to find shock waves barreling through the mergers.

Isaac Brown

Isaac Brown is a 2nd year physics PhD student at the U. Originally a music major, he switched to STEM and acquired a B.S. in physics and mathematics from the University of Oregon. He has worked on computational fluid dynamics, N-Body simulations involving gravitation, and laser interferometry. He will soon be starting work probing the properties of silicon impurities in low-temperature, ultra-high vacuum conditions. Isaac hopes to find a career in either academia or industry working on similar condensed matter projects. Issac is the secretary of GSAC.


Treasurer of GSAC


Social Coordinator of GSAC

Greg Furlich

Greg is a 5th-year graduate student at the University of Utah. He is currently working with Professor Douglas Bergman and the Telescope Array Cosmic Ray Observatory and specializing in the detection of florescence in the atmosphere caused by Extensive Air Showers started from Cosmic Rays entering the atmosphere. He is building electronic racks for the expansion of the Telescope Array Cosmic Ray Observatory known as TAx4. In his free time, he also enjoys experiencing the outdoors through climbing, hiking, backpacking, and photography. You can contact him via email at greg.furlich@utah.edu.


Grad Student Resources

Travel Funding

Here are some resources from the University of Utah to help you receive funding for travel to conferences:

ASUU Funding

Graduate School Funding

Mental Health

Graduate school is hard. If you are feeling helpless, please know that the University of Utah has resources to help you.

University of Utah Counceling Center

National Alliance of Metnal Health Illness (NAMI)