PHYS 1010 The Way Things Work

Fulfills Physical/Life Science Exploration.

Overview: This is a conceptual Physics course which satisfies a Gen Ed requirement for majors outside the science and engineering disciplines. The primary objective is to provide a solid foundation in physics principles, focusing on fundamental concepts and logical rather than numerical problem solving. Connections between abstract concepts and familiar objects or phenomena help students develop their physical intuition and demonstrate that the universe is predictable rather than magical.


How Things Work:  the Physics of Everyday Life

How Things Work: the Physics of Everyday Life, 3rd edition,
by Dr. Bloomfield. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN 0-471-46886-X, 576 pages, full-color, paperback.

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Week# Topic Reading Video Lectures PDF Lectures Homework Practice Problems
 1 Scientific Method Supplements 1 & 2        
 2 Force Concept Inventory          
 3 Practicing the Scientific Method          
 4 Practical Uses of the Scientific Method       1  
 5 Scientific Method on Trial          
 6 Scientific Method in Action          
 7 Skating/Skiing in a Straight Line Bloomfield §1.1     2  
  Break - No Class          


Bloomfield §1.1        
 9 Jumping Bloomfield §1.2        
 10 Hills Bloomfield §1.3     3  
 11 Slowing Down Bloomfield §2.2        
 12 Snow & Ice Bloomfield §7.1, 7.2     4  

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