PHYS 3740: Introduction to Relativity & Quantum Mechanics (Modern Physics)

Supplementary Course Material:

1) David Hogg's notes on Special Relativity: I will use these for the first several weeks of class. They are excellent and elegant and I strongly recommend you follow along with the reading assignments.
2) Course reserve list: I reserved 7 additional textbooks on Modern Physics at the Marriott Library.
3) Cynthia Furse's notes on "Teaching Without Lecturing": If you want to learn more about using YouTube to move the "lecturing" portion of a class outside of the classroom.
4) Hyperphysics page on Special Relativity: The content on Hyperphysics reviewed by scientists, and is thus fairly reliable.
5) Hyperphysics page on Quantum Mechanics: The content on Hyperphysics reviewed by scientists, and is thus fairly reliable.
6) Wikipedia page on the History of Physics: Beware - Wikipedia is not subject to rigorous scrutiny nor peer review. Thus it's contents may not be accurate!
7) Some lectures by Richard Feynman: Bill Gates of Microsoft is a big Feynman fan and even created a whole new interactive video player to help people view some of his lectures and science in general. There is a short introductory lecture by Bill Gates explaining "Project Tuva" that you might also want to watch. Enjoy!
8) More Feynman Lectures.
9) Some guiding principles for quantum mechanics.

PhET Simulations:

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Photoelectric effect Wave Packets and Quantum Tunneling
Quantum Bound States Quantum Wave Interference
Hydrogen Atom Models Rutherford Scattering
Davisson-Germer: Electron Diffraction Blackbody Spectrum
Double Well and Covalent Bonds Band Structure
Fourier: Superposition of Waves

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