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The astronomer
The astronomer (by Lucy)

Stephan LeBohec

Department of Physics University of Utah



Fall 2016 Undergraduate Seminar about the thought experiment of Elitzur and Vaidman:slides, paper presenting an experimental implementation of the Elitzur and Vaidman bomb thought experiment, paper presenting the observation of interferences with big molecules, paper discussing the quantum state collapse which I followed when preparing this presentation.

Fall 2014 Undergraduate seminar about the speed of light: Slides and paper by M.Urban et al.

Fall 2013 Undergraduate seminar on the EPR paradox: The original 1935 paper; J.Bell's approach to address the paradox; experimental resolution by A.Aspect et al. and a really nice highlight by Mermin which inspired my undergraduate seminar .

Spring 2011 Undergraduate seminar on scale relativity

Fall 2006 undergraduate seminar on intensity interferometry

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