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- Physics 3610/6610 -
 Electronics I

Instructor: Stephan LeBohec 219 South Physics (Phone: 587-9923)
Teaching Assistant:
Wang Jinqi [20h] (jinqi.wang@utah.edu)
Tho Nguyen [20h] (thonguyen08@gmail.com)
Course E-mail: Mail Form

Lectures in JFB 102 unless otherwise announced: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30pm through 9pm
Labs (depending on your session) in [South] PHYS[ics] 306: Monday and Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:55 or Tuesday & Thursday: 9:40am - 11:45am or 12:55pm - 2:50pm or 5:15pm - 7:10pm
Please note that the Monday/Wednesday Labs will be one day AHEAD of the schedule given below!
Office hours: Tue 5pm - 6pm; Thu 2pm - 3:30pm in my office (PHYS 219)
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