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Physics 3740
Introduction to relativity and Quantum Mechanics
Evolving Provisional Agenda

  Spring Semester 2012
Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4,
Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8,
Week 9, Week 10, Week 11, Week 12,
Week 13, Week 14, Week 15
Week 01
1) Tuesday January 10th
   Introduction to class
   I) Introduction to special relativity, Lorentz transformations (Lecture notes)
(See the Einstein 1905 paper at fourmilab or in pdf)
     A) Electromagnetism
     B) Galilean relativity
helson and Morley experiment
2) Thursday January 12th
     C) Measurements of the speed of light, Michelson and Morley's experiment
     D) Implications of Michelson and Morley's experiment: time dilation and space contraction
3) Friday January 13th
    Recitation 1

Week 02
4) Tuesday January 17th
     E) Space time diagrams
     F) Lorentz transform (velocity addition, geometry, causality relation and space-time intervals)
     See this very interesting derivation of the Lorentz transformation.
5) Thursday January 19th
     F) Lorentz transform continued (velocity addition, geometry, causality relation and space-time intervals)
6) Friday January 20th
   Recitation 2

Week 03
7) Tuesday January 24th
     G) Consequences of Lorentz transform: Headlight effect, Doppler effect
8) Thursday January 26th
II) Relativistic mechanics (Lecture notes)
     A) Introduction: the classical momentum is not conserved
     B) Definitions: scalars and 4-vectors
     C) 4-velocity
     D) 4-momentum
9) Friday January 27th
Week 04
10) Tuesday January 31st
     D) 4-momentum continued
11) Thursday February 2nd
     E) Case study: Common exam 2006, exercise 10
     F) 2 bodies -> 1 body collision
12) Friday February 3rd
   Recitation 3

Week 05
13) Tuesday February 7th
     G) Compton scattering
     Case study:Common exam 2009, exercise 10, Inverse Compton - pair creation cascade
14) Thursday February 9th
      *) Appendix on nuclear physics including the liquid drop nuclear model (notes)
15) Friday February 10th
   Recitation 4

Week 06
16) Tuesday February 14th
      *) Appendix on nuclear physics continued
17) Thursday February 16th
III) Emergence of quantum physics (Lecture notes)
     A) Introduction: quantization of matter and charge
18) Friday February 17th

Week 07
19) Tuesday February 21rd
     B) Black body radiation: the failure of classical physics and Planck's law
20) Thursday February 23th
     C) Photo-electric effect (Einstein 1905 paper)
21) Friday February 24th

Week 08
22) Tuesday February 28th
     D) Rutherford's experiment and cross section
23) Thursday March 1st
     E) Bohr's hydrogenoid atom and application to other systems
24) Friday March 2nd
    Exercise 1 of Common exam 2006 and Recitation 5

Week 09
25) Tuesday March 6th
IV) Waves and particles (Lecture notes)
     A) de Broglie's relations
     B) Classical wave packets and uncertainty relations
26) Thursday March 8th
     C) Probabilities and wave functions
27) Friday March 9th
    Recitation 6

... Tuesday March 13rd
... Thursday March 15th
... Friday March 16th

Week 10
28) Tuesday March 20th
     D) Schrodinger equation
     E) Infinite square well
29) Thursday March 22th
     E) Infinite square well continued
30) Friday March 23rd
    Recitation 7

Week 11
31) Tuesday March 27th
     F) Finite square well (abacus)
32) Thursday March 29th
     H) Transmition, reflection, tunnel effect
     I) Double well problem. It will not be treated in class but you can read all the details here. Yes, you can! And just for that reason, you should try.
33) Friday March 30th
    Recitation 8

Week 12
34) Tuesday April 3rd
     G) Harmonic oscillator
35) Thursday April 5th
     G) Harmonic oscillator continued
36) Friday April 6th

Week 13
37) Tuesday April 10th
     **) Appendix B on the mathematical construction of quantum mechanics
38) Thursday April 12th
     **) Appendix C on transitions and radiation
39) Friday April 13th

Week 14
40) Tuesday April 17th
V) Quantum mechanics in more than one dimension with more than one particle (Lecture notes)
41) Thursday April 19nd
42) Friday April 20rd

Week 15
43) Tuesday April 24th
Final test