Cygwin installation instructions. (Thanks to Charles McGuire.)

If you're having difficulty connecting to the physics servers via VPN, Cygwin is another option worth trying. Its basically a program that emulates Linux on the Windows operating system, and will allow you to connect in a more typical “Linux-to-Linux” fashion.

Instructions follow:

  1. Download Cygwin from this link. Unless your computer and operating system are fairly old, you'll probably want the 64-bit version.
  2. This video might be a useful reference.
  3. Install.
  4. Select the open SSH package when prompted (as seen in video).
  5. Open Cygwin.
  6. From the Cygwin command line, log into physics servers with ssh -Y (The -Y option will enable ssh to pass pop-up windows such as emacs to your Cygwin session.)

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