This table provides the character style and the symbol you would add in your plot function.

character description character description
- solid line style 3 tri_left marker
-- dashed line style 4 tri_right marker
-. dash-dot line style s square marker
: dotted line style p pentagon marker
. point marker * star marker
, pixel marker h hexagon1 marker
o circle marker H hexagon2 marker
v triangle_down marker + plus marker
^ triangle_up marker x x marker
< triangle_left marker D diamond marker
> triangle_right marker d thin_diamond marker
1 tri_down marker | vline marker
2 tri_up marker _ hline marker

This second table gives the character codes for eight different colors.

character color
b blue
g green
r red
c cyan
m magenta
y yellow
k black
w white


plot(x, y, 'ro')    # plots red circles
plot(x, y, 'k-')    # plot  black lines
plot(x, y, 'g^')    # plots green triangles 
plot(x, y, 'bs')    # plots blue squares