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Spring Semester 2001

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The assignment 2 web page has been updated slightly. First, there was a typo in Exercise 1 of Assignment 2 (sorry!): the ratio of roots is supposed to be x_2 / x_1 = 2.15, where x_1 is the smallest positive solution to the equation given in the problem, and x_2 is the next smallest. (The web page originally defined this ratio the other way around.) Also, please estimated values of the roots x_1 and x_2 using a plotting method -- the values of x_1,x_2 = 3,6 are ok for some values of the parameter "a", but you should use more finely tuned values, even as initial guesses. Finally, in Exercise 2, you may find Maple's "nops" function to be handy when counting darts....


The first homework assignment is now posted. The due date is set for Monday, 22-Jan-2001.


The new, improved, second homework assignment is now posted. The due date is set for Wednesday, 31-Jan-2001, that's Wednesday!


Welcome to p6730! Please keep an eye on this page for updates on homework, exercises and lecture topics. If you get stuck on homework or have questions please do not hesitate to contact the instructor or the TA.

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