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Spring Semester 2001

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Lab Exercises

  • Apr-25-01: Parallel computing with MPI.

  • Apr-23-01: An introduction to parallel computing.

  • Apr-18-01: Optimal filtering .

  • Apr-16-01: An introduction to FFT's.

  • Apr-09-01: A Maple exercise on solving the wave equation.

  • Apr-02-01: A public-domain package for solving sparse linear systems in the context of PDE's.

  • Mar-28-01: Maple's PDE solver.

  • Mar-26-01: An intro to Boundary Value Problems.

  • Mar-21-01: Stiff ODE's with Maple.

  • Mar-19-01: ODE's in Maple.

  • Mar-05-01 Covariance matrices with Maple.

  • Mar-01-01: The QR algorithm finding eigens.

  • Feb-26-01: Coordinate transformations and eigensystems.

  • Feb-23-01: CLAPACK library functions..

  • Feb-16-01: Solution of linear systems.

  • Feb-12-01: Sorting things in C++.

  • Feb-05-01: Cubic splines and polynomial interpolation.

  • Jan-30-01: Non-linear optimization -- C++ preliminaries.

  • Jan-24-01: Linear optimization.

  • Jan-22-01: Minimizing a function of one variable.

  • Jan-17-01: Root finding.

  • Jan-10-01: Stability of recursion relations.

  • Jan-08-01: Digital representations of numbers.

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