PHYCS 5730
Final Exam Instructions

Spring Semester 2001

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The P5730 final exam is a 24-hour "take-home" test. It may be obtained at any time between midnight Monday morning (00:00-Mon-30-Apr-2001) and midnight Friday night/Saturday morning (00:00-Sat-04-May-2001). The exam is due 24 hours after you obtain it EXCEPT that all exam material must be submitted by midnight Friday night!

Obtaining the exam.

Please use the utility final_begin to start the exam. It is located in the ~p5730/bin directory and must be run on the Department of Physics Suns, darkstar or blackstar. When you are ready to start (and only when you are ready), type

and follow the instructions displayed by that program. (It will give you the private URL of the final exam webpage. It is recommended that you "cut-and-paste" the URL into your browser's location box to avoid transcription errors.)

Submitting the exam.

Use the submit utility, just as if this were a homework assignment. The assignment name for the exam is "final", so to submit a file "gut.txt", you would type

    submit p5730 final gut.txt

Time limit.

You have 24 hours to take the exam. You may take it anytime starting midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, but the exam must be turned in by midnight, Wednesday night.


This is an "open book" exam. Feel free to access any world-readable files in the ~p5730 or ~p5720 directories; you may consult your lecture notes or any publicly available texts or hypertexts. You may use any publicly available software (e.g., emacs, gcc) or software licensed by the Department of Physics (e.g., Maple, sm). However, as per your signed user-agreement form for Department of Physics, you may not access any other users' files.

Do not discuss the exam with anyone other than the instructor and the TA until everyone is finished.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the instructor or the TA, via phone, email or office visit.

An alternative which probably requires a parallel supercomputer.

As an alternative to taking the standard version of the exam discussed above, you may take the one located in the ~p5730/data directory. This alternative exam illustrates that the difficult part of doing physics is not coming up with a solution but interpreting the problem. In this particular case, the solution to the exam is very easy. But the exam itself has been encrypted using 512-bit pgp (filename: final.encrypt.pgp).

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Have a great Summer!

bcb 29-Apr-00.