Welcome to PHYS 7110, Fall 2016

"Electrodynamics I"


Schedule:MW -- 10:45am-12:40pm
Location: BU C 107
Instructor: Dima Pesin
TA: Jing Ma lastnamefirstname1327 'at' gmail dot com
Office hours: Tu - 3:00pm-4:00pm, JFB 309


Course topics: Phys7110 contains both 'Theoretical Mechanics' and 'Electrodymanics I' material. The former will take up roughly one third of the course. The approximate outline is as follows:
Weeks 1-5: Lagrangian formulation of classical and relativistic mechanics. Tensor analysis.
Weeks 6-7: Relativistic particls in electromagnetic fields.
Weeks 8-9: Relativistic field theory. Maxwell equations.
Weeks 10-12: Static EM fields.
Weeks 13-14: Electromagnetic waves.
Week 15: Geometric optics.
Text: You do not have to buy any text. The recommended ones are Landau&Lifshitz "Mechanics" (vol 1), Landau&Lifshitz "The classical theory of fields" (vol 2), Brau "Modern Problems in Classical Electrodynamics", and Melrose&McPhedran "Electromagnetic processes in dispersive media". For advanced topics in classical field theory you may want to look at Rubakov's "Classical theory of gauge fields".
Expectations: The students are expected to do most of the course-related work outside the class. Working through assigned reading should take as much time as the scheduled lectures, and it will take at least a few hours to do the average homework.
Grading: Homeworks (10 best) - 33.3%, Midterms (2) - 33.3%, Final exam - 33.3%.


Part 1: Classical and relativistic mechanics
Part 2: Electrodynamics I
Problems for the final exam. Due on Dec 16th. Solutions

Solutions for Midterm 1 Solutions for Midterm 2 Solutions for Midterm 3